North Carolina’s Bojangles Recovery After Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence devastated infrastructure throughout eastern North Carolina. Its lingering effects continues to keep highways and schools closed in some parts of the state while life in other parts of North Carolina have largely returned to normal.

For many in the state, normalcy means a visit to Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits — some for a tasty biscuit and some to earn a paycheck.

In an article the week before the hurricane, Bloomberg estimated that almost 70 percent of all Bojangles’ were in the path of the storm.

With the original Bojangles’ located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the state hosts more Bojangles’ restaurants than any other — 312 to be exact.

On September 17, with the winds subsiding but rising rivers posing a new threat to the state,  44 separate Bojangles’ were closed throughout North Carolina. Now, over a week after the rain and winds have calmed, six are still closed.

One way of seeing the uneven impact of Hurricane Florence is this map of its impact on Bojangles.

Source data collected by Charlotte Ririe.

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