Dear N.C. News Media Organizations,

Here at Carolina Data Desk, we are committed to helping you, the news media organization, use data in the best way possible. We have divided our tasks into four categories: acquiring, cleaning, analyzing, and presenting data. This can mean:

  • Acquiring: Working with you to make public records requests, scrape a website, or pull data out of a PDF
  • Cleaning: Checking your data for inconsistencies, and presenting it back to you in a clean, sorted, delimited format
  • Analyzing: Helping you find the anomalies in your data, where the stories are and how to get the information you need quickly and efficiently
  • Presenting: Building you graphs, page templates, GIFs — anything you need to tell your story with visual clarity

We are here for you in whatever aspect of the process you need us. Need a Python scraper to get data off the website of an agency that is taking too long to your public records request? Done. Need help making a request for public data? No prob. Need a tutorial on how to use Pivot Tables? We got you. Want a template for a map graphic that your newsroom could use? We’re on it.

We have plenty of ideas of how we can help you, but we want to hear what your newsrooms need. That’s why in the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking to you about your pain points as data journalists, and then taking action to help you accomplish your goals.

We believe in the power of data journalism to not only enhance stories that you are already writing, but to discover stories that would not have been possible without data analysis. Let’s give journalists more tools to tell data-driven stories to North Carolina.

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  1. CMC says:

    Hello. I’m a journalist based her in NC. I report on environmental health topics for a non profit news site here and I am a freelance writer and editor. I’m curious about your services. Do you folks charge for the training described above?

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